About the blog


Welcome to my blog!

I’m Aaron, an 20 year old from London, just trying to leave my mark on the world. I’ve loved writing from a young age and this is just one of many things I am doing to try and develop my writing further.

          This blog isn’t about anything in particular, and so you can expect a bit of everything, from football to music and even events on the news that effect our everyday lives. I just write about what I think and how I feel in the most well rounded way I can.10881547_864600966925027_5341368445889193688_n

If you like what you read (or not), don’t hesitate to comment and I’d appreciate it if you shared the post too! You can follow me on twitter: @_B1SH   &  instagram: aaronbish_

I guess there isn’t much more to say except thank you for taking an interest in my blog, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer 🙂



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