PARTYNEXTDOOR – Seven Days (EP Review)


“It seems that breaking your heart is the easiest part & loving you right only gets harder”

With OVO season fast approaching with the impending release of DVSN‘s sophomore album “Morning After”  (13/10/2017), and teased releases for projects from Majid Jordan (“The Space Between”) and Roy Woods (“Say Less”), one artist not to be forgotten is PARTYNEXTDOOR.

His second album “P3” dropped in 2016, charting at number 3 in the US Billboard charts, becoming his most commercially successful album to date, including singles such as “Not Nice” and “Come and See Me ft Drake,  but critically it was not received as well. Despite this, PND, known for his proficient songwriting ability, wrote two of the biggest hits of the last two years: “Work”Rihanna ft Drake and “Wild Thoughts”DJ Khaled ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller, with the latter being released this summer. And that’s just for starters as the 24 year old Canadian continues to make 2017 his most productive year to date.

In June he released the sequel to his acclaimed 2014 EP, Colours”a four track project exclusively produced by G. Ry, before teasing collaborations with Kanye, Ne-Yo and T-Pain to name a few. More recently he has released or featured on over half a dozen tracks including songs with Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla Sign and Jadakiss, highlighting the volume of unreleased music he has in the stash.

“Never meant to cause you trouble, never meant to cause you pain”

As his next album “Club Atlantis” had already been announced by OVO, most fans thought that that would be the next project released from him, but instead PARTY dropped “Seven Days”, an EP created in seven days, and then also revealed slowly over the course of seven days through numbered photos accompanied by artwork and song titles on his social media pages.

One thing that PARTYNEXTDOOR has showcased in 2017, more than ever, is his versatility and that is no different on the EP. Starting off with “Bad Intentions”, he sings over an offbeat, almost chaotic instrumental making it a difficult listen although lyrically he maintains his usual high standards. Things move back into typical PND territory with “Never Played Me” before the first feature of the album is introduced on “Damage”.  Featuring Halsey, (who PARTY’s currently on tour with), her soft vocals compliment the radio friendly track, accentuating PARTY‘s potential crossover appeal.

“I don’t want you to hate me. I don’t want you to love me less. I’m in the wrong, but right now I’m trying my best.”

This is followed by “Better Man ft Rick Ross“, a more slowed down, ballad-like song about the two artists trying to become better men for their respective women, while being at both their most vulnerable and lyrical best. The middle of the project is definitely the best part as fifth track “Best Friends” is my personal favourite of the seven. PND floats over the track, switching flows, while talking about real life situations on a hard hitting beat. The last two songs on the EP are “The Right Way” which keeps the tempo slow, before then moving on to “Love Me Again”,  which ends the project in typical PARTY fashion.

As PARTYNEXTDOOR gears towards the release of his third album, “Seven Days” serves as a insight into his development as an overall artist, as no two songs sounded the same, the features added something to the songs and his penmanship was as good as its ever been. With the features he has previously mentioned (Kanye, Ne-Yo, T-Pain etc), and “Club Atlantis” due before the end of the year, this album may be the one to cement his superstar status, and if that ends up being the case, then this EP was a good preview.

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