Reasons We Need A BBK Compilation Album

Since their inception in 2005,  Boy Better Know have released countless solo projects and singles, as well as featured on each others tracks. But while compilation albums are common in the US with the likes of Rick Ross’s MMG preparing to release Volume 4 of their popular “Self Made” series, and Kanye West’s GOOD Music preparing to drop “Cruel Winter”, in the UK they are not so common. So here are five reasons why I think we need a BBK compilation album.


  1. They are UK Powerhouses

In America, there are so many crews: ASAP Mob, GOOD Music, Young Money/Cash Money/Rich Gang, OVO, MMG, and the list could go on and on. While we do have crews here, it would be hard to argue that any are bigger than BBK, and with the Grime Scene in good health and only getting stronger, I would bet everything I own that a BBK compilation album would reach number 1 in the UK Album Charts.


2. The World is Watching

With the success of Skepta’s “Konnichiwa” (Reaching number two in the UK Album Chart and beating the likes of David Bowie and Radiohead to win the Mercury Music Prize), along with his rising status in the US, as well as the rising status of the Grime Scene as a whole, now seems like the perfect time for a BBK compilation album. In February this year after the Brit Awards, Drake announced via Instagram that he had signed to BBK. Whether or not this is officially true, it brought a lot of worldwide attention to the label and a feature from an artist of Drake’s stature on a compilation album would be historical for the scene.

JME’s “Integriy>” was well received in 2015,  Skepta’s album did well,  and Frisco’s “System Killer”, while not a commercial success was still well received. Wiley’s 17-track “Godfather” album is due on the 4th November which means that a BBK compilation album would be perfectly teed up for 2017 (fingers crossed).













3. They Have Never Done One Before

BBK have released songs as a label, performed together regularly, featured on each others tracks, and while they may have survived other crews like Roll Deep and Meridian, unlike those groups BBK have never released a joint project, and after over ten years together, now is as good a time as any. Many people expected Skepta to be on Drake’s “Views” or for Drake to be on “Konnichiwa”, but with all their solo success, can you imagine Drake, Skepta, JME, Wiley, Frisco and the rest of the crew on one project or even one track? Mad.


4. Historical Moment For The Scene

I’ve already mentioned what an impact Drake would have were he to be on a BBK Album, but even if he wasn’t, it would still be an historical moment for the scene. Grime is only getting stronger as a scene and as a genre and with the heavy hitters that make up BBK, plus the features that are likely to be on the album such as Stormzy and Chip, the album would almost be certain to reach number 1.

And I haven’t even mentioned the touring opportunities. Sold out shows, merchandise, increased solo album sales. The possibilities are endless. They might as well hire me as the label CEO now.

5. New Bangers

Finally, what ultimately matters most is the music and BBK have proved that they can make hits, and not just bangers for the moment but bangers that stand the test of time. Tracks like “Too Many Man” are legendary so if thats what they made in 2009, and Skepta is currently making tracks like “Man” and “Shutdown” on his own or “Thats Not Me” with JME then imagine what a 2016/17 BBK banger would sound like? Lets hope we find out.


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