Chip – Power Up (Review)



“Out of the four projects Chip has released since coming back from America, this is the best one”

“One of the most controversial artists of our generation” are the words BBC Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth used to describe Chip as he delivered his third “Fire in the Booth” before the release of “Power Up”, (his fourth project in two years), and it’s not hard to see why he thinks that.

After being involved in beefs with Yungen, Tinie Tempah, Bugzy Malone and pretty much half of the Grime Scene (Big Narstie, Devilman etc), as well as public disputes with both Charlie and Krept on Twitter, its fair to say that Chip has been more known for his clashing ability and diss tracks more than for his ability to make hits in recent years, but thats not to say he doesn’t have a hit in him still e.g Bookey, I’m Fine (ft Stormzy), Hear Dis (ft Stormzy), Sonic Boom.

In my opinion, Chips best work is that legendary 2012 mixtape “London Boy”, his one and only release under Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang. That mixtape opened so many doors for the UK scene and is still playable today, however since Chips return, his music hasn’t been up to that standard. The mixtape was hip hop, while Chip has since made a return to his Grime roots but there’s no reason he can’t do both. As a fan (Chip is my favourite UK rapper), I feel as though he should’ve just did Grime freestyles but kept his music hip hop orientated, because that would have given him cross over appeal, but still allowed him to keep his integrity as a rapper. Skepta did a similar thing on his Konnichiwa” album. His flows were very Grimey but the production leaned more towards hip hop.

However, out of the four projects Chip has released since his return from America ( Believe & Achieve EP 1&2, Rap vs Grime), this is the best one. He kicks off the tape with his FITB Part 3 Freestyle, entitled “Fire In My Studio” where he addresses several things such as Bugzy’s claims of an email about a joint album, the editing of Charlamagne’s clip (where he apparently didn’t rate Bugzy), and even took a dig at Charlie Sloth, showing that even after ten years, he still has that bragadocious side to him.

Other tracks touch on how he feels about the industry, what really happened at Wireless Festival this summer, as well as personal issues, such as his older brother being in jail, while “Where’s Ice Kid At” features the man himself. This is a big moment as after ten elusive years, everyone who knows anything about the scene will know that Ice Kid made his return to the spotlight , after being brought out by Wiz Khalifa & Taylor Gang at the Culture Clash earlier this year.

“Power Up” is a project that not only showcases Chip’s versatility as an artist, but also his workrate and dedication to his craft. Arguably his better tracks in recent years have been his diss tracks but Chip is still one of the best lyricists this country has ever produced and ten years after he first burst onto the scene, after a few rocky years, it seems as though he’s really starting to find his feet again musically. Personally, despite some bright sparks, Believe & Achieve EP 1& 2 were disappointing overall, considering how much he hyped them up previously, but this project has left me wondering what Chippy has in store next. One thing is for sure though: “Chip can’t run out of bars”

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