With cinematic visuals and catchy hooks, South East Londoner Nehmy, creator of BEV LDN has really put his mark on 2016 so far. After being announced as one of the headline acts for Hybrid London’s launch show at XOYO, as part of his crew, alongside DC (http://wp.me/p48gyj-9J ) among others, we managed to catch up with him to find out more about him, his inspirations and what he has planned for the rest of the year. Check out a link at the end of the interview for his new mixtape “South East Experiences” (#SEE).



1) Who is Nehmy? How would you describe yourself? What’s your story?

I’m that French kid who got adopted by South East London, I’m random man, weird. Something always has to be/look different with me, whether it’s clothes, music, painting etc.. it can’t just be/look normal, I don’t do well with normal, it has to stand out, that right there is normal to me. Standing out. I came to London when I was 11, my mum wanted to move country, change environment, she wanted me and my siblings to learn a second language, she really done everything to make sure we’d be at an advantage once we reached adulthood.

I grew up in France as a child Paris/Strasbourg and I’ve been in London ever since, a decade plus now, South east to be exact, Green Borough. I’m truly that good kid in a mad city, growing up in south east and having to get used to the normal everyday life kids/teenagers from 2005 grime era onwards lived which included heavy influence of gang and crime culture, all that was new to me especially landing in the middle of all that, it was only God, strongwill and always thinking ahead that helped me to stay focused.

2) Who inspires you? Who are your musical influences?

I’m inspired by success, so if we’re talking music all the artists that have amassed success through hard work and perseverance both old school/new school. Only good music influences me.

3) How do you approach your visuals? NTPWR is a top class cameraman, so do you work on the concepts together?

Visuals to me are as important as music is to me, they go hand in hand. Visuals will carry out what you are portraying/saying through your music. It’s like a torch/baton carrier so I take them very seriously. All I see is movies in my head, I watch a lot of films too, how they’re filmed, who directed it, concepts, angles, the power of establishing shots, background etc…So when I approach a visual I think of a way to capture something/somewhere on some film tip, like its never been captured before.

With the recent visuals I got the inspiration from the fact that through films/music videos/video games/ photos, anything visual ,Americans make us or have been making us want to live/talk like them for decades, that’s only because of how well they portray their everyday life. I wanted to do the same but the opposite.  We have gold in this country. Our everyday lifestyle involves so many things that are so unique it’s unbelievable, I just wanted to major on that because it hasn’t been done properly yet in my eyes and I’m still yet to perfect it.

NTPWR is a visual god, his eye is too sharp. I’ve never met a guy who can capture what he captures how he captures it so effortlessly. He’s on board, he’s an on sight shooter, he knows what he wants. He expands your ideas.  He captures exactly what you want, how you want it and even better. Open minded, blessed soul and one of the most important thing, passionate about his craft. The way me and him gel when it comes to visual ideas is mad. Working with him on LIT was definitely one for the history books. For both LIT and WAG1 I came to him with the vision/concept/locations/sequences/mood board/treatment etc…he literally executed everything and made it look 10 times better than I even envisioned, that’s the kind of person you should, must work with. He was shocked that as a music artist I did treatments hahaha, that’s how we knew this relationship/work was going to be epic. Even if something doesn’t go to plan he makes it go to plan, he knows what to do in every situation. When he’s on the camera, you can relax and know he’s doing Scorsese with the lens. I thank God for him. Even SWRDWN visuals the way he captured it, he made a film out of a hood video. God bless him and expand his talents.

4) What is BEV LDN?

Bevldn is simply good friends who create. At the age of 17 I dropped out of education (I attended Woolwich Polytechnic, same secondary school as DC (moongang), fun fact) to pursue music full time. That was a year after I started BEVGANG, known as BEVLDN (Bird’s Eye View London) today. It was first supposed to be a clothing line but as more members joined in who had different range of talents we became a collective of creatives who work together on major products, music being the main one.

5) What makes you stand out from other artists?

The sauce, the sauce is what makes you stand out as an artist. Not even twins have the same handprint that’s how unique God has made us. I major on that. Difference, it’s so important and its second nature for me to be/do/say something different. And also knowledge, especially in my craft. Not many artists have studied hip hop from the ground up both American and British hip hop history so I can’t be schooled in that area. Hahaha, still got more to learn but it’s so important studying your craft it shows you have real love for it. Knowledge is power.

6) What have you got in store for the rest of 2016? Any upcoming projects or releases?

I got more visuals pon visuals, I don’t plan on stopping here, I also have my SOUTH EAST EXPERIENCES mixtape (SEE) and I have many singles, side projects, bev work etc to release, this year should be full and glorious not just for me but for the whole team, Drew Bakes is dropping, James Casual is dropping, Richh is dropping and probably another BEV tape might drop who knows.

7) Who are you a fan of in the UK Scene and why?

I’m a fan of my team mates Drew Bakes, James Casual and Richh552 because I look up to them to do better each time. These guys are insanely talented.  Gods.

DC. are you mad fam, need I say more. #gleaming

Motive105, watch out for the W.

Flowzart, he’s a dfferent guy still.

Kasien, he’s ghost for now but he’s pure talent, watch out for my brother.

Love 808ink, those are my Gs. They’re just creating their own lane man, no one is doing what they’re doing how they’re doing it. I love the authenticity, production, Image, visuals and the fact that they’re my dawgs is even better.

Rate Neverland clan, that rebel sound, lifestyle. They’re just them and they do them great, that’s why they’re great. No one can do them. You feel me. Respek the clan.

Big up HOP (House Of Pharaohs) because their energy is insane, very dope too.

There’s a few more on the list but basically I support anyone doing their thing (properly, quality over quantity) and for a good cause especially. Together we’ll take over the world. Regional indicator for United Kingdom

8) If you could pick three artists dead or alive, to work with, who would you pick and why?

First of all Michael Jackson because I grew up watching him, he’s the reason I dance, listen MJ man ask anyone he’s my guy. I just wanted to be in studio with him see how he worked, his mind, learn a few tips and more dance moves hahaha. MJ definitely he’s the GOAT artist of artists. Nobody can top him.

Drake, been listening to this guy since 06/07. When I used to go around and tell people to get on his music and they’d tell me to go away now look haha, but I’d love to work with him, always been a fan of how he’s able to make hits after hits after hits. Being able to make hits is a talent. Rapping is good but bars can only get you so far, records. Hit singles, classics are what will keep you alive in people’s hearts forever. So I look up to Drake for his ability to make good songs.

Pharell. It’s a must. It’s non negotiable. Or debatable. He’s goat.

9) What’s one interesting fact about you that no one knows?

All the males from my dad side of the family are into music, they either play an instrument or sing/rap. I got into music oblivious to that information until my mum told me a few years later. I guess it was meant to be haha. They formed a band back in the 80/90s called Okili Family (my last name) and hit national fame back in my native country, Gabon.

10) Where do you see yourself in five years? What are you aiming to have achieved by then?

In 5 years, I see myself and my team being Global figures. U.K. Flag flyers. Legends in the making, Goat status. Early retirement kind of career, making moves in every aspect of the media. Building and raising another generation of successful youths making our city/country a better place. The dream is too big. Just watch this space.


You can follow Nehmy and myself at:  @NehmyHD  @BEVLDN   @_B1SH

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You can find my other blog posts here: https://brownboybishop.wordpress.com/


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