EXCLUSIVE: Interview With…..Yxng Bane (@yxngbane)

With only a small amount of music in the public domain right now, and even less information about the man himself, it seemed only right that we track down Yxng Bane for this exclusive interview to talk about his first year in music, his first headline show and the inspiration behind the music.


1) Who is Yxng Bane? How would you describe yourself? What’s your story?

Yxng Bane is just a normal kid from Custom House (East London, near Canning Town), tired of pain, tired of hustling, tired of everything that comes with being from the bottom.


2) Who inspires you? Who are your musical influences?

Chris Brown, because look how many situations he’s come across and he’s still continued to remain on top. And Future because anything he touches turns into gold man.


3) How do you approach writing your bars and/or your instrumental choices?

The melody comes first and then I start putting in the words. With instrumentals it’s more about if I feel the first drop and from there I let it take me to wherever it takes me

4) What is WXLF GXNG?

Wxlf Gang is just a group of kids who grew up together, and yeah wolves cos they were always together but now it’s more of a music thing.


5) If you had to choose one track of yours to someone who has never heard of you, which one would you pick and why?

Probably be “Doubted Me”, simply cos it describes everything that happened in my first few months of rapping.


6) When you reflect on 2015 how do you think it went? Appearing on 1XTRA, organising your first headline show etc

It was cool man, it was a good experience and something to build upon

7) What have you got in store for 2016? Any upcoming projects or video releases?

New music, new flows….that just means look out!


8) Who are you a fan of in the UK scene?

Blade Brown


9) If you could pick three artists, dead or alive, to work with, who would you pick and why?

Jim Jones, Future and Chris Brown


10) What’s one interesting fact about you nobody knows?

An interesting fact is that I hate seafood loool


Listen to his debut EP “Full Moon” below. You can follow myself and Yxng Bane at: @yxngbane  @AMB1SH


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