In line with the release of his debut EP, “What’s The Debate?”, which you can listen to below, check out this exclusive interview with DC, an emerging artist from Greenwich, where he talks about being shouted out by Stormzy, his popular freestyle series “Gleamin” and his inspiration behind the music.



1.) Who is DC? How would you describe yourself? What’s your story?

Who is DC? DC is a 21 year old rapper from Greenwich. Ummm, I’d describe myself as funny, cheeky and very sarcastic and I think that comes across in my music to be honest.

My story? I don’t think I really have a story. I’m just a guy that goes to University and works, and that figured he was kinda decent at rapping and decided to pursue it.


2.) Who inspires you? Who are your musical influences?

A lot of people inspire me. Anyone that’s making big moves inspire me. J Cole inspires me the most because I feel he became successful the right way, no shortcuts. Also, it’s refreshing to know that you can become so successful yet still be yourself. Chip is a massive inspiration because he’s an artist I look up to in terms of bars, delivery and sauce on the mic.


3.) How do you approach writing your bars and/or your instrumental choices?

With writing bars, I just have to be in that zone. I find it so difficult to just sit there and start writing bars. I either have to be listening to a song I like and the bars just flood in my head, or I’m listening to an instrumental I really like. I find it better not to force it though, sometimes I don’t even write for 3 weeks and then I write a song in a day, for example my song “Strong”.

4.) What is MOONGANG?

Moongang is a group of friends that make their own clothes and just do their own ting. We don’t look at others and don’t let opinions sway our thought process. To be honest, we’re just a group of friends having fun.


5.)  If you had to choose one track of yours to someone who has never heard of you, which one would you pick?

I’d play them “Gleaming 1”. Not because it had one of the best responses but because it was me at my rawest form. Hardly any confidence at all, nervousness etc. Like, “Gleaming 1” is the most accurate depiction of DC.


6.) When you reflect on 2015 how do you think it went? Being mentioned by Stormzy on Apple Music etc

I think 2015 went sick man. I achieved a lot more than I thought I would. Me getting recognised by Stormzy was big for me because I’m a fan of his music, but to be put on the standard remix… I was just thinking rah, especially because I’ve been doing music for 10 months. But yeah 2015 went very well. It was like my introduction.

7.) What have you got in store for 2016? Any upcoming projects or video releases?

I got a lot of sick things coming this year. I just released “#Gleamin3” and the response was really good. I’ve got my EP coming out soon so I just hope it gets a similar response to “Gleamin”.


8.) Who are you a fan of in the UK scene?

I listen to loads but I can only say I’m a fan of a few. The artists I’m currently listening to on a daily basis are Rayf, A2, Avelino, Chip, Skepta and Kano.


9.) If you could pick three artists dead or alive to work with who would you pick and why?

J Cole, Chip and of course, Drake


10.) What’s one interesting fact about you that nobody knows?

Umm an interesting fact is I wasn’t born in this country, I was born in Nigeria.


Listen to the debut EP “What’s The Debate” here:


You can follow DC and myself at:  @DCworldmg    @_B1SH


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