Chip vs Yungen


Okay, so let me clear all of this up for anybody that’s confused. Way back in 2015 during his infamous beef with both Tine Tempah and Bugzy Malone, Chipmunk said the bars “If you’re gonna nominate Yungen, big up, but nominate Sneakbo too” on “96 Bars of Revenge” in regards to the MOBO Awards. He was addressing the fact that Bugzy was nominated and he wasn’t and used Yungen and Sneakbo as further examples of the seemingly messed up nomination process.

Then, in Yungen’s new track “Comfy” he talks about how people didn’t think he deserved his nomination and how people were questioning it. This led to many people assuming he was talking about Chip, including the man himself, which led to a bit of back and forth between the pair on Twitter.. The result was two diss tracks, one from Chip on his highly anticipated “One Take Freestyle” and one from Yungen (with a cameo from Tinie).

While Krept and Konan both mentioned that Chip previously promised not to send shots at Yungen, they also stated that they would not get involved. Meanwhile his DJ/Manager Docta Cosmic has been very vocal on Twitter, backing Yungen along with fellow PlayDirty Member Niitro. Yungen, Tinie and Chip all trended on Twitter at some point tonight.

Who do you think won? Leave a comment below!




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