3ToSee: [PART 3] Trevor Jackson


As the name suggests,“3ToSee” is the title of a series of blog posts introducing you to artists and/or projects that I personally enjoy, but that might not have reached your ears due to a lack of mainstream attention that I feel they probably deserved. I did the same series last year and you can find the links to those posts at the bottom of the page.

To kick off this new series, I have chosen one of my favourite up and coming R&B artist, Trevor Jackson. You may or may not recognise him from his role in the popular Disney movie “Let It Shine”, which also featured Tyler James Williams who played Chris in “Everybody Hates Chris”He is also close friends with Zendaya Coleman, another up and coming talent. Trevor also played the role of Young Simba in the Broadway version of “The Lion King”, so as you can tell, he is a very talented guy.

“Everybody has a way they think you should do it. So why not do it your way”

After signing to Atlantic Records in 2012, he released an EP entitled #NewThang in 2013, which I recommend you listen to. He has often been considered to be a blend between Chris Brown and Trey Songz with his smooth vocals and edgy dance moves but he cites Michael Jackson as his biggest influence and inspiration. Either way, Trevor Jackson is next up.

This month (August), the R&B crooner released his latest project entitled “In My Feelings”. When explaining the origins of the title, Trevor commented, “I have fans that have followed me from day one and wait in line for hours at my shows but one thing they always say is that they don’t really know who Trevor Jackson is as a person. With this mixtape, I’m going to tell them”. The 14-track project opens up with an enlightening conversation Trevor has with his grandmother, and this is the first time he has written every track on one of his projects. With this project Trevor takes on greater creative control with the themes and direction of his music.

“I’d rather be different. I want to say something [in my music]. With this new music, I’ve just been able to tap more into myself.”

Many tracks express his frustration of growing up in the business, his journey, fake people and of course, girls. Features include Kevin Gates, Mystikal, Iyn Jay and Iamsu! and is hosted by Trendsetter Sense. As a Trevor Jackson fan, “In My Feelings” is a solid mixtape and shows progression as an artist and songwriter since #NewThang and only makes me more excited for his debut album.

Catch Trevor on the next season of ABC’s “American Crime” co-starring Andre “Andre 3000” Benjamin, Regina King & more. You can also follow me on twitter: @__AB96   &  instagram: aaronbish_

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Take a listen Trevor Jacksons new project below:


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