Pacquiao came to box. Mayweather came to win.


While the boxing purists were saluting Floyd Mayweather’s genius, social media was throbbing with people calling him boring. The majority of people expected to see loads of blood and even a knockout. A boxing match of this magnitude and with fighters this skilled, that was very unlikely to happen. Mayweather simply did what he usually does, while Pacquiao was not as aggressive as many expected him to be. To win against a champion you either have to knock him out or put in a convincing performance. Pacquiao did neither.  Mayweather actually threw more punches – 435 to 429 – and landed with 39% of them, compared to 19% for his opponent. .

Mayweather’s cocky persona and obsession with money is what draws people to dislike him and what made many call this fight a battle of “Good vs Evil” when compared with Manny Pacquiao’s humble and giving nature outside of the ring. But is it fair that Floyd Mayweather Jr is judged in this way? Everyone around him calls him a great, his record speaks for itself, but yet he is expected to act oblivious to the fact he is a living legend in the sport? Of course he would be much more likeable if he was humble but he does not have to be. Even outside the ring, his business acumen to make sure he earned as much as he did for this fight is outstanding and can only be applauded.

Before the fight, many people wanted Pacquiao to win because of their dislike for Mayweather, not because he was a better fighter. Mayweather is cocky but he can back his talk. He works hard and has delivered in every single fight he’s had to this day. Mayweather’s father and trainer, Floyd Sr, said it best: “He’s almost too good for his own good.” Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach said of Mayweather, “I thought he ran very well,”. He was being disingenuous. A seven-time trainer of the year, he recognises greatness. It’s hard to ignore the fact that Mayweather made one of the best three fighters in the world look remarkably average. By the end of the fight, Pacquiao looked so tired, while Mayweather looked as though he could go another five rounds. Says it all really.

Coming forward in straight lines and not attacking from angles, Pacquiao proved too easy to hit. He never seemed to have a clear strategy. Afterwards, Pacquiao claimed his right shoulder popped in the third round. He said he had been hiding the injury for three weeks, so people are well within their rights to ask why they shelled out their hard-earned money to see Mayweather take apart a wounded man. But given the fight was five years in the making and the sheer size of the show, it was absolutely inconceivable that the fight might have been cancelled.

Mayweather, who now hasn’t been beaten in 48 professional contests stretching back 19 years, says he will have one more fight before retiring. Rocky Marciano’s legendary 49 fights undefeated in his sights, and early speculation suggests his last fight will be against Amir Khan of Britain. Whoever it’s against, it’ll surely be a night to remember, and my money will be on Floyd “Money” Mayweather to win again.

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