Trigga Reloaded, the deluxe edition of Trey Songz’ 2014 triumph, Trigga, was due to be released this week, but was instead pushed back to June 23rd. In its place Trey has released an EP appropriately titled Intermission which features 5 new songs (and an intro), and picks up right where Trey’s last LP left off. Trey has been busy over in Europe opening for Nicki Minaj on The Pinkprint Tour but had this to say about the project:

“Some of the music my fans loved the most is the music I gave them unexpectedly. Some of the records that helped define me as an artist, never had videos or topped the charts. I make so much music & I want to share it all. I feel Intermission is me doing what I do best.” – @TreySongz

You can download the new EP here:

The EP is accompanied by a 25 minute documentary, “TRIGGA Reloaded: The Intermission,” which chronicles his past year since the release of Trigga, including being on tour with superstars Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj respectively. Here’s what he had to say about the documentary:

“A lot has happened in a year and after most recently completing two mega tours from the U.S. to Europe, I felt re-energized by the love and wanted to share this glimpse of the journey while giving my fans some new music with Intermission. The love I’ve received is beyond belief, I’ve attempted to reciprocate it by sharing this vulnerable yet genuine piece.”

Look out for Trigga Reloaded on June 23rd and the release of his seventh studio album Tremaine at the end of 2015.

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