Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan of a Fan 2: Preview

fan-of-a-fan-coverChris Brown is an artist whose name divides opinion in an instant. While his talent and influence on the current culture of music is undeniable, his past with the infamous Rihanna incident and how he carries himself in the eyes of the public make it difficult for some people to like the man behind it all.

After the singer admitted to assaulting his then girlfriend and singer Rihanna, he was sentenced to five years of probation and six months community service. At the time he was blacklisted from radio stations across America, had to cancel his European tour, and had his latest album receive mixed to negative reviews. In 2014 he served an additional 131 days in jail for breaking the terms of his probation, and within that five year period trouble has followed him everywhere. The most infamous cases include feuds with rapper Drake and singer Frank Ocean, as well as public confrontations such as the smashing of a window after a Good Morning America interview.

Throughout all this controversy, one thing that has remained consistent is the music. Just last year, Chris Brown released his sixth studio album “X”, which he described as:
“It’s the Roman numeral for 10. 5/5/89 is my birthday: 5 plus 5 is 10, and this is my tenth year since I got into music. ‘X’ is the 24th letter in the alphabet, and I will turn 24 when this album comes out. ‘X’ is also a metaphor, as in ‘ex-girlfriend’: it implies you’re progressing and moving on in life, not holding on to the past and your old ways.”

The album debuted at number 2 on the US Billboard 200, his sixth consecutive top ten debut in the United States and his first album not to reach number 1 since his third album Graffiti. However, “X” was generally received positive reviews from music critics, with most publications awarding it an average rating of 4/5 stars. On top of that, as of January 2015 the album has sold over 330,000 copies, and you can find a link to my review at the end of this post. “X” was not the only body of work Breezy was working on in 2014 though as him and the Young Money rapper Tyga teased the release of what seems to be a nineties inspired, “Fan of a Fan 2” for 2015.


The project was first a mixtape released in 2010, and was success amongst both fans and critics. At the time, Tyga had this to say about the project:
“I’ve been knowing him for two years and one day we was in the studio and he was like, ‘Let’s do a mixtape.’ With the situation that he’s been in and the fact that I haven’t come out with a lot of stuff on my own, it just made sense. There’s not a lot of unity anymore. A lot of people don’t work with other people or they’re afraid of what these blogs got to say and that’s part of the problem, people are too afraid to do what they want to do.”

Now, five years later, the collaborative album is set to be released on 24th February with the song “Ayo” serving as the lead single. Tyga is also an artist who divides opinion because of his lyrical content. His bravado attitude lacks any real message within his music but his ability to make hits cannot be doubted. His relationship with Chris Brown is not the only thing that has developed in the last five years as he is now a father to son, King Cairo.

Of their relationship Chris Brown says how: “Aside from making music, Tyga and I have been friends for years. Like, I’m godfather to his son, you know. We have a personal relationship, aside from this business and this industry”

And the Fan of a Fan 2 is not the only thing fans have to be excited about this year as both Chris Brown and Tyga will be touring alongside Trey Songz on the “Between the Sheets Tour” which is set to be very successful with majority of tickets already sold out.

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