Why did Kim K want to break the internet?



Kim Kardashian.  Television personality, socialite, business woman. She is often called many things, but after gaining media attention as Paris Hiltons personal assistant and later through her infamous sex tape with Ray J, you could say she’s done quite well for herself after most recently marrying rap star Kanye West and having their first child North.

This leads me on to the focus of this blog post. Why in the world did Kim Kardashian feel the need to even attempt to break the internet? Did she need the money? No. Did she need to somehow stay relevant to the public? No. So I can only think that she did this for her own vanity. Also, for someone with millions of fans around the world, what example is this setting them?

First things first, for an estimated sum of £40 million pounds, I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us would probably have done the same thing. But the majority of us don’t come from wealthy families in the first place and earn 28 million dollars in the past 12 months, as well as having a partner with a net worth of 130 million dollars. Therefore it’s clear that Kim didn’t need the money.

Furthermore, as someone who gained fame through a leaked sex tape, as well as having many a nude photo leaked since, you would think that appearing nude would not be high on the list of things to do for the mother of one. You could say that if people are going to see you naked you might as well get payed for it, but as a new mother, its not really the greatest example to be setting for your daughter now is it? Shouldn’t Kim be promoting the fact that women should respect themselves and be keeping their clothes on? Or am I just old fashioned?

What makes things worse is that the photos on the magazine were photoshopped heavily, with the original photos being circulated around the internet. With woman around the world struggling with their bodies and social expectation enhanced by the media’s ideologies in regards to how women should look, is it right that such an iconic figure (sadly) as Kim Kardashian further enhance this struggle by allowing her photos to be photoshopped, simply in a frivolous attempt to “break the internet”? I don’t think it is. Maybe she should take a leaf out of Keira Knightley’s book, as the actress recently appeared nude for charity.

I just think that this whole situation says a lot about society today, as people tend to act in the moment without thinking about the wider consequences or the bigger picture. And in regards to someone as popular and influential to young people as Kim Kardashian, I think it would have been wise for her to think about the wider impact her actions had, not just for young girls but also her daughter, North, who has to live with the consequences.


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