Too Sensitive? Or Not Sensitive Enough?


In an Ethics lecture a couple of weeks ago, it was discussed about how certain newspapers decided to show pictures of the beheadings by ISIS on the front pages. Some people said that they felt it was in the publics interest to see the extent of the threat posed by the terrorist movement, while others felt that it was maybe too explicit and maybe made some readers feel uncomfortable.

Here lies the basis of my blog post. Are we too sensitive as a nation? Why must we tone down what we think in case of offending someone else? In some cases I can 100% understand it, but in others, I can’t. The actions of ISIS is worldwide news, and therefore effects each and every one of us, so why shouldn’t newspapers publish their actions for the world to see?

Rather than complaining and getting upset, people need to start developing more of a thick skin and seeing the world for what it is, or furthermore do something to change it for the better. The world isn’t full of flowers and unicorns and therefore that’s not what is going to be published. The national newspapers are there to provide information and insight into the world and national events and so that is what they are going to do. They’re not going to publish 80% of the information if they have 100% just because a few people may take offence to it. The only reason they would not publish all the information is because of legal reasons.

Another example could be Channel 4’s recent showing of the show “The Paedophile Hunter”, and the revelation that one of the men caught out by the show killed himself. If you’re unfamiliar with the premise of the show, it shows “online vigilante” Stinson Hunter as he poses online as young children on Facebook, waiting for paedophiles to message him before arranging to meet up and then getting them arrested. In one instance, after being caught, a man committed suicide.

While some people would argue that it was Hunter’s fault for pretending to be someone he wasn’t, in my opinion, it was the man, Michael Parkes’ own fault. He had no one to blame but himself. He only committed suicide because he got caught, otherwise, even as you read this, he may have been grooming young girls. In my eyes there is no debate. But others do not see it so clearly, and in my opinion, that just shows how over sensitive society is becoming.




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