3ToSee: [Part 2] Bas – Last Winter

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 ‘Last Winter‘ is a rap album from an artist you probably have never heard of but it is one of the best Hip Hop albums put out so far this year.

Unless you’re a Dreamvillain, you could be forgiven for not knowing who Bas is. So let me explain. Bas is J. Cole’s first official signee under his Interscope associated label Dreamville and even featured on “New York Times” on J.Cole’s second album, Born Sinner, alongside 50 Cent.  Last Winter is Dreamville’s first commercial release and features the likes of Mack Wilds to J. Cole, with production from Cedric Brown, GP808, Hottrak and more.

When explaining the origins of the title, Bas recalled “When we would make a hot record, we would look at each other and say ‘last winter,’ like ‘this is our last winter.  We are not going to be living like this anymore,” before continuing, “We’re going to elevate our situation. It became a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

Released in April this year, ‘Last Winter‘ is a rap album from an artist you probably have never heard of but it is one of the best Hip Hop albums put out so far this year.  The album gets you hooked right from the off with “New World Order“ followed by “Mook in New Mexico” as well as “Fiji Water In My Iron“. These are the type of songs you can vibe to on those late summer nights in the whip and also talk about how his lifestyle has changed. Seriously, you won’t be disappointed.

But these are just warm up songs in comparison to what follows. “My Nigga Just Made Bail“. Featuring J.Cole, once you hear this song once, you just can’t get enough of it. See what I did there? But anyways, if this song was released by a bigger artist than Bas, it would almost certainly be the hit of the summer. As someone who was lucky enough to go to the Dollar And A Dream Tour Concert in London, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of J.Cole’s mixtape The Warm Up, I was only familiar with Bas by name alone. But when he performed this song as part of his support set, everyone was rocking to it as though they’d come there to see him! Everyone was vibing to it and nodding their heads and after a while even singing along to the overly catchy chorus, just highlighting how great and underrated the song actually is.

As the album reaches the middle, it slows down with the more chilled tracks such as, “Charles De Gualle to JFK” and “Vacation”. But if you’re not sold by this point, then the last third of the album fully emphasizes Bas’s rapping ability. From “Golden Goals” onwards you feel the change in his flow and added intent in his delivery, just exemplifying his raw talent.

While there was hope that the album would do better than selling 3,601 copies the first week and landing the 103 spot on the Billboard’s Top 200 Charts, it should be noted that “this is an album from a nigga with not a lot of fans!” as said by himself and J.Cole. But give it time and I’m sure that will soon change.

Read Part 1 here: http://wp.me/p48gyj-5I


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